Augmented reality software in industry: advantages, applications and future

AR technologies are spreading rapidly. In all areas of industry Smart Glasses & Co. are used. This is due, on the one hand, to the fact that smart glasses, data glasses and Head Mounted Displays On the other hand, there is a growing number of augmented reality software solutions for various use cases.

We explain in which areas Augmented reality in industry already plays a major role today and how AR applications make manufacturing, maintenance and training processes more efficient.

What is AR software?

AR software processes data produced by sensors on tablets, smartphones, headsets, and other devices and models a model from that data, which is then projected back as an object. This can include the appearance of a product, key figures of a production plant or interactive instructions. The seamless transition between man and machine is crucial. AR data glasses interpose themselves between our natural perception and the digital world.

The augmented reality software processes and interprets the data in such a way that the user can experience it. It makes the networking of all devices in the Internet of things readable and usable for people.

Augmented reality with the smartphone in industry

Augmented reality benefits: How augmented reality helps companies become more productive and customer-friendly

Augmented reality offers companies in every industry advantages in all departments: from research and development, to production and logistics, to training and marketing. These are the key augmented reality benefits for businesses:

  • Companies with products that require explanation can use AR to allow customers to experience the product directly.
  • The quality of training and education can be increased by AR software, in that realistic situations are not only described, but can be acted out directly and realistically using AR.
  • AR solutions make processes in logistics and production more efficient. Tight, data-driven specifications mean there are fewer opportunities to make mistakes and allows a quick overview of one’s area of responsibility at any time. When problems occur, employees can react more quickly and prevent downtime.
  • Marketing is one of the big use cases for AR that all the big agencies are experimenting with right now. AR allows for new advertising experiences that are not as worn out as classic print and television advertising and combines high individualization with complex visualization.
Work instructions can be displayed directly in Digital Engineering

AR Software: Fields of application for the industry

Even if augmented reality software is not yet widespread, it already offers companies crucial tools to optimize internal processes and differentiate themselves from the competition. Four major application areas have emerged, particularly in industry.

Remote maintenance with augmented reality software

Remote maintenance is not a new concept. In the field of computer support, remote maintenance has been common practice for many years. The technician saves travel time and can fix the customer’s problem directly. This in turn pleases the customer, because he has a functioning device faster and lower costs.

Remote maintenance with augmented reality shows quite impressively how productivity can be increased. In the past, if the system stopped due to a fault or defect, a technician had to come to the system, look at the machine and then repair it. This cost a lot of time and incurred travel costs. Modern remote maintenance solutions make the presence of technicians unnecessary in many cases. Instead, the technician uses his smartphone or tablet in combination with software to connect to the system of the facility being serviced. Now he sees the machine and can quickly identify problems.

Learn more about optimizing operations here:

AR for Field Service Management

At Field Service Management AR software helps to optimize the entire service process and increase customer satisfaction at the same time. The technicians receive all necessary information directly on site at the affected device. This saves them a follow-up appointment and allows them to access instructions and checklists output by the software in augmented reality.

Reports can thus also be pre-filled automatically. As a result, the employee spends less time on documentation and errors are minimized.

In turn, the dispatcher for the technology gets the position of all employees displayed at any time and sees who has completed which orders.

Customers also benefit from AR in Field Service Management, because they can also be kept up to date at all times and know exactly what work has been carried out immediately after the job.

Machine learning algorithms can teach devices to recognize when they are about to fail. In the ideal scenario, the customer does not have to accept a single day of downtime.

More AR Software Solutions:

Augmented reality in maintenance

Smart Maintenance is a new way of performing maintenance in an industrial context. For a long time, maintenance functioned reactively. One machine ran until it broke. A team of technicians was then called to repair the machine.

Today, manufacturing plants usually consist of many small machines and production lines that are closely interlinked. This means that if one machine fails, a larger part of the plant is usually affected. Smart maintenance is about proactively servicing the machine at the most convenient time for production.

This is achieved with Smart Maintenance Tools via an intelligent data management system that combines data from ERP, CAx and DSC tools and makes it available to employees in bundled form directly on site. As a result, employees have a lot of information right from the start, so they work more efficiently and make fewer mistakes. The data can be transmitted via smartphones and tablets as well as via Mixed Reality Glasses smart glasses and head mounted tablets such as the HMT-1 from Realwear can be accessed.

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Indoor navigation with augmented reality

Indoor navigation is also being revolutionized by AR software. In complex plants and Smart Factories for example, 2D or 3D objects can act as signposts. In combination with the appropriate hardware such as tablet, smartphone or smart glasses, you can move around your plant and store positions with centimeter accuracy.

Using AR-based indoor navigation, employees in logistics can find the goods faster or technicians can reach machines without detours, document error messages and file maintenance reports – and all this is linked to the current position.

Depending on the application scenario, indoor navigation is performed using beacons, Wi-Fi or markers.

Knowledge Management with AR Software

The digital transformation is also a knowledge revolution. New technologies and digital platforms make more and better prepared information available to everyone than ever before.

With augmented reality solutions such as knowledge management software, industrial companies are also taking the next step towards knowledge management that is appropriate to the requirements of the modern economy.

Through digital knowledge transfer, companies increase productivity in the medium and long term. In the first step, employees go through workflows while having them recorded by smart glasses, tablet or smartphone. In the second step, the knowledge collected in this way can be prepared – for example in the form of images, videos and instructions.

New employees in training or continuing education can then access this information while you go about your work. They thus learn directly on the device – this motivates, saves time, money and minimizes errors, as every step is digitally documented.

AR technologies and their software

Conclusion: How Augmented Reality Software Changes Markets and Businesses

Augmented reality is no longer a dream of the future, but is already in use today in many areas. Augmented reality offers companies opportunities to make internal processes more efficient and become more customer-friendly to the outside world.

ALEGER actively shapes the development with its AR software solutions.

With AR software for mobile maintenance can reduce the number of unplanned stops without sacrificing productivity. Many problems can be solved directly via remote maintenance software like ALEGER’s, without the need for a technician to travel to the site first.

In education and training, companies can use augmented reality software to make training more interactive.

And customer service also benefits from AR Field Service Management software by enabling technicians to respond faster and shorten wait times.

Of course, ALEGER can advise you on the right AR software for your requirements.

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