Augmented Reality Application Areas: From maintenance to a new shopping experience

Augmented reality technologies are changing the economy. AR applications are an essential part of the digital transformation. Industry in particular is discovering the potential and application fields of augmented reality. Here you get an overview of the different applications and the state of development. And we also explain in which application fields augmented reality is relevant.

Augmented reality with the smartphone in industry

AR in industry: maintenance, logistics and building technology

In the context of digital transformation, the demands on companies are changing. You need to think and act more efficiently, agilely and customer-oriented. Augmented Reality is now so mature that it is particularly worthwhile for industrial use. Thanks to IoT technologies, many production facilities are largely digitized. AR solutions can ideally tie in with this digitization.

Smart Maintenance - How Augmented Reality is revolutionizing maintenance.

Especially in the last 50 years Maintenance procedures constantly further developed. It was not until the 1950s – 1970s that production facilities became so complex that traditional maintenance concepts resulted in shutdowns and planned as well as unplanned stops. Therefore, a new standard increasingly prevailed among the large industrial companies. With Overall Equipment Efficiency, a key figure was now available with which the performance of individual machines could be evaluated. Maintenance became increasingly efficient in this way.

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With the digital transformation, a second maintenance revolution is taking place today. Predictive maintenance solutions are one pillar of this revolution. The machines are equipped with sensors that continuously measure the condition of the plant based on various parameters. With the help of machine learning technologies and professional Maintenance Software this data is then automatically evaluated so that machines and systems measure the probability of faults occurring. In this way, plant availability is increased. These technologies are also known under the term Smart Maintenance known.

Increase your plant availability with Smart Maintenance.

In addition to machine learning technologies, AR solutions are a second important pillar in modern maintenance. Combined with Smart Glasses and professional remote maintenance tools, it is no longer necessary for a technician needed for maintenance to be on site. With the help of modern Remote maintenance the entire maintenance process becomes cheaper and more efficient. Cheaper, because travel costs are eliminated, and more efficient, because plants are up and running again more quickly.

At ALEGER you get not only AR Software and AR hardware. ALEGER also offers individual support and workshops for augmented reality applications in the industrial sector.

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Augmented reality in logistics

Logistics companies also benefit greatly from AR solutions. While other areas of a company are largely digitized these days, logistics generates a lot of data, but the picking of the packages themselves is carried out by people in the warehouse.

The common method for picking so far is pick by paper. Pick-by-vision systems can reduce errors and speed up the process overall. These systems are already well advanced today. In pick-by-vision Head Mounted Displays or simple smartphones are used.

Training processes in logistics also benefit from augmented reality solutions. Augmented reality in vocational schools, for example, can help trainees understand work processes more quickly and reduce the error rate.

Mixed reality is also playing an increasingly important role in the industry. Here you can learn everything about Mixed Reality.

Planning products digitally with augmented reality: virtual prototyping

In the automotive industry, the development of prototypes for new models is a huge cost factor. Not every prototype becomes a product and often the prototypes have to be manufactured at great expense.

With augmented reality applications you design the digital prototypes . This allows different ideas to be tried out more quickly and realized without the use of materials. This gives customers, engineers and other key personnel a quick overview of the prototype and the opportunity to make calculations and have changes to the concept visualized directly.

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Intelligent buildings through automation and networking

The maintenance of large building and office complexes is extremely costly because technicians from a wide variety of industries are required for long-term maintenance. This results in an enormous cost and logistics effort. Building automation is a starting point for massively reducing these costs. Building automation refers to the automation of processes of maintenance and servicing of buildings.

To do this, you need detailed instructions to cover the individual steps. Learn more in our article on the topic Workflow read more.

In the solutions now existing in the Smart Factory all parts of a building requiring maintenance are equipped with sensors and networked with each other. On the one hand, this provides an accurate overview of the situation in the building at all times, which shortens the number of routine maintenance operations. At the same time, the necessary qualification for employees decreases, which reduces training costs.
AR can be used to show employees how to operate complex equipment in real time. These features speed up the onboarding process and minimize errors.

Augmented reality can also help make models more vivid and detailed when planning new buildings. While a paper model is only able to convey shapes and proportions, a digital model can directly display various data.

Visualizing complex tasks in industry with data glasses

Augmented reality: more application areas & industries on the rise

AR solutions are not only spreading in industry. The first AR applications are also becoming increasingly popular in other industries.

Augmented reality changes shopping

In retail, retailers are experimenting with AR solutions that revolutionize the shopping experience by enabling customers to receive additional information, offers and other benefits directly at the point of sale. For brick-and-mortar retail, AR is a prospect for gaining ground against online retail.

But augmented reality in e-commerce is also gaining in importance. Many furniture stores now offer the option of placing furniture in your own living room via AR.

Augmented Reality in Education: New concepts & possibilities

Digital forms of learning have gained in importance, and not just in the pandemic. For several years now, schools and educational institutions have been experimenting with the use of new technologies, including augmented reality applications. AR glasses promise lively lessons where abstract concepts can be taught more easily.

Today, the technology is not yet widespread enough for widespread use and is not financially viable for many schools. But that will change in the next few years – just like with the computer and later the smartphone – which are already a natural part of teaching concepts in many places today.

Even museums now display virtual exhibits. In the future, this will give people around the world the opportunity to virtually explore works of art, buildings and other cultural artifacts.

AR in Field Service Management

The triumphal march of IoT devices also offers new opportunities for the Field Service Management new opportunities. In case of failure, an IoT refrigerator can be directly checked remotely by the technician and the fault can be determined. Using data glasses, he is shown live on site how to repair the device. Overall, this means fewer on-site appointments are necessary and maintenance is faster and less error-prone.

Augmented Reality in Marketing & Sales

Augmented reality in marketing offers companies the opportunity to deepen the brand experience. Currently, AR is mainly used in social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms offer the possibility to use augmented reality elements in your own postings. For example, the band Slipknot has given your fans the opportunities to put on the characteristic masks in augmented reality and take photos of themselves.

Augmented reality is particularly interesting for industry

Conclusion: Augmented Reality changes economy & society

The range of augmented reality solutions is already large today – and it will continue to grow in the future. Smartphones are becoming more and more powerful, so that even complex AR applications will soon no longer be a problem for modern smartphones. The market for smart glasses and head-mounted displays is also growing, allowing companies to choose from an ever-increasing range of devices for different use cases.

At ALEGER, we map the growing market and offer our customers the best products for the professional use of AR solutions in industry.

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