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Smarter Service, Delivered Virtually

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Better than having a technician at your side

Using Aleger’s Smart Glasses and Service App, your team can deliver superior, hands-on support, virtually. Leverage today’s smart technologies to provide an exceptional experience, while identifying and resolving issues faster than ever before.

Efficient & Effective

Provide on-demand support quickly and easily. Using our technology, your technicians see exactly what the client sees.


Slash Your Overhead

Dramatically reduce your support costs by nearly eliminating the need to send service technicians in person.


Reduce Downtime

When equipment stops working, companies lose time and money. But with Aleger Smart Glasses and Service App, you can cut downtime by as much as 40%.


Five-Star Satisfaction

Use our technology to give your customers white-glove treatment and watch satisfaction scores soar.

Instandhaltungsmitarbeiterc bedient brille mit kamera und mikrofon

The Power of Smart Glasses

For support and service companies, smart glasses are the next generation platform for providing hands-on, real-time support. Using our technology, users can see the world with an additional layer of useful, timely, and relevant information, helping them to identify and resolve issues faster than ever before.

With Aleger’s online platform, smart glasses can be used to record video, snap photos, zoom in or out, and more, in order to create and share multimedia service manuals.

How Clients Use Aleger’s Smart Glasses Solution

Machine Builder

  • Connect to customers across the globe
  • Support internal service personnel when deployed in the field
  • Create multimedia training and documentation materials
  • Additional Sales Incentive for clients


  • Connect to colleagues and support across the globe
  • Support end customers in case of service requests
  • Create multimedia training and documentation materials and make them available
  • Maintenance Audits to supervise, record, and document maintenance in real-time

Car Dealers

  • Connect to the manufacturers to receive real-time support
  • Remote Car inspections for clients through the Smart Service App
  • Give real time support with your service app to your clients
  • Create multimedia training and documentation materials


  • Real Estate: Give real time tours to clients all over the world
  • Oil & Gas: Give global support and make knowledge available on site
  • Project Management: Avoid travelling to dangerous places
  • Health: Support colleagues during complex operations
Assisted Reality für Smart Phones und Tablets

Meet the Smart Service App that Does It All

You can still take advantage of everything our solution offers even without smart glasses. Available for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, the Aleger Smart Service App lets you perform all the same functions as our smart glasses solution. That includes using augmented reality, connecting and streaming to support specialists in real time, recording and editing photos and videos for training materials, and more.

Plus, our app is completely white labeled, so you can brand it and present it as part of your service offerings.

Grow Your Knowledge Base Smart Integrations

Our Smart Glasses and App solution seamlessly integrates with our Digital Knowledge Management solution, enabling your company to grow its internal knowledge and resources. Capture and document procedures and other information using any device, then share that documentation and knowledge throughout your organization using our cloud-based knowledge management system. Materials can be tagged in our system and accessible through QR codes, strategically placed throughout your facilities.

And because it’s all cloud-based, you can develop training materials, instruction manuals, and more, and make them available to employees, partners, customers, and others.

See what our Digital Knowledge Management system can do for you.


Everything You Need to Function Virtually

Aleger’s Smart Glasses and App Solution offers these features:

24/7 Online Access

No matter what time of day or night it is, let your customers connect to your team online whenever they need support.

Automated Chat Translation

Provide service and support in any language through automated chat translation, displayed right on their smart glasses or smartphone device.

Live Video Markups

Mark and highlights objects in real-time, directly on the video stream, ensuring your team can provide live instructions and help.

Document Management

Ensure nothing ever gets lost or slips through the cracks with our intelligent document management system that helps you track documentation and service tickets.

Session Recording

Record any session to document procedures and create training materials, as well as to document maintenance and other support provided.

And more!

Take advantage of all of our solution’s features, including a stop alter button, incident management, zoom, and more!

Ready to see how it works?

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