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Fact is, siloed knowledge leads to inefficient operations, potentially slowing down business processes. That’s why Aleger provides leading-edge, multimedia knowledge management systems to capture, package, manage, and distribute essential information that workers at all levels need, ensuring smooth and continuous operations.


Shrink Downtime

Get employees up to speed with video, multimedia instructions and documentation, infographics and more.


Fast Training

Onboard new employees faster than ever before with multimedia and hands-on learning experiences.


Cost Effective

Using mobile technologies and devices, scale knowledge quickly, easily, and affordably.


Better Safety and Security

Avoid accidents or other costly incidents that threaten productivity and employee safety.

Capture Knowledge Quickly. Spread Intelligence Even Faster.


  • Create checklists for quality assurance
  • Document assembly for future reference
  • Quickly onboard new workers through work instructions
  • Overcome language barriers through multilingual media

Machine Builder

  • Provide customers with ad-hoc knowledge
  • Help field service with onsite knowledge
  • Quickly onboard new workers through work instructions
  • Document maintenance and assembly tasks


  • Quickly onboard new workers through work instructions
  • Upgrade the skills of existing employees
  • Access and learn from reference materials
  • Document steps during inspections


  • Support delivery personnel with on-site information eg. delivery routes
  • Provide security personnel documented plans eg. routes & alarms
  • Showcase how to use equipment through short videos

What is a Cloud-based Knowledge Management Solution?

From processes to policies, today’s employees need to have access to more information than ever before. What’s more, they need to be able to fully understand and apply that information on a daily basis.

But when something changes, employees leave, or new employees come onboard, ensuring other employees have the knowledge they need to perform at optimal levels can be a real challenge.

Aleger’s Multimedia Knowledge Management Solution leverages the power of digital technology to capture, package, and distribute essential information to workers. The result is that they learn and apply information faster, maintaining productivity and safety.

How does the Cloud-based Knowledge Management Solution work?

Capture and document knowledge using smart phones, smart glasses, or tablets. This can be processes, safety procedures, or other information essential to your operations.

Create instructions, documentation, or training materials by organizing and annotating images and video, enhanced with comments and notes.

Upload finished content to the cloud and spread knowledge throughout your organization, allowing employees to access information packages using smartphones, tablets, or smart glasses.

Assisted Reality für Smart Phones und Tablets
Erweiterte Realität und Wissensvermittlung

Need help?
We’ve got you covered.

No need to worry if you and your team don’t have multimedia production experience. Aleger is here to help! We provide a complete end-to-end solution, including set up, training, and production. We can even take your content and transform it into any format you need to distribute to employees, including videos, data visualizations, and more. With Aleger, you receive:

  • Storyboard and texts
  • Graphic elements and annotations
  • Translations into any language needed
  • Voice-over and music

Next to that, videos can be perfectly combined with other Aleger solutions, such as the Aleger Smart Glass.

Streamline Learning with Aleger


Fully Editable

Easily edit and annotate images, videos, and written materials.


Digital Documentation

Procedures and policies are clear, easy to understand, and always accessible, and can even be used to provide support to customers.


Roles & Rights

Granular control of who can produce, edit, upload, and view each individual piece of information in the system.


Central Management, Global Diffusion

Through an integrated tree-structure, all knowledge documents are centrally managed, but able to be shared with anyone around the world.


Integrations Galore

Want to bi-directionally sync data between our system and yours? No problem! Our team of experts can build a customized solution.

Professional Video Creation

Let Aleger produce professional, crisp, and informational videos which can be used throughout your organization.

Ready to see how it works?

Let one of our knowledge management technology experts show you our solution today!