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Footfall Analytics

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In business, footfall analytics
begins with accuracy.

That’s why we provide the most precise—and easiest to use—footfall measurement and analytics system on the market. With Aleger, you always get the smartest solutions and an expert to guide you along the way.


Enhanced Decision Making

Make smarter decisions faster by knowing not only how many people visit your locations, but how many people actually make purchases.


Clearer Insights

Turnover alone doesn’t tell the whole story of your business. Our analytics suite helps you gain a complete understanding of what drives success.


Easy, Affordable Installation

Our plug & play people counter system saves you time and money by making it simple to install and use.


Maximized Satisfaction

Increase customer and employee satisfaction by eliminating product bottlenecks and employee shortages by predicting exactly when you need both stock and staff.

Where there’s foot traffic, there’s Aleger

Retail Outlets

  • Analyze and optimize marketing campaigns
  • Maximize revenues with finding optimal product placement
  • Understand shopping behaviors and store management
  • Efficiently deploy staff to match high volume periods

Shopping Centers

  • Identify high traffic entrances and exits
  • Understand indoor foot traffic and pinpoint bottlenecks
  • Optimize rent prices based on individual store frequency
  • Adjust cleaning and security schedules based on volume


  • Understand visitor volume and points of interest
  • Measure and optimize the impact of marketing campaigns
  • Optimize tour times and volumes
  • Adjust cleaning and security schedules based on volume

Fitness Centers

  • Learn which equipment is used
    the most
  • See which classes have the best attendance
  • Measure and optimize the impact of marketing campaigns
  • Adjust cleaning and security schedules based on volume

What is our Plug & Play People Counter?

Get better insights to help you optimize your business. Comprised of both hardware and software components, our solution ensures you get the most precise measurement and insights.

The hardware provides an accurate count of foot traffic at your locations, while the software analyzes the traffic to give you insights into how many people enter and leave, and puts that into context of a number of variables, including weather, time of day, point of purchase transactions, and marketing campaigns.

How does the people counting system work?

Our innovative technology uses an optical sensor that collects and sends raw data to our online portal. It’s easy to install and set up. Simply mount sensors where you want to count traffic and then connect it to the Internet.

Set up typically only takes a few minutes and once activated, your online portal takes all that raw data and transforms it into meaningful reports, filled with insights to help you optimize your business.

Reports & Analytics

Your online portal provides access to all the data and tools you need to gain a true understanding of your traffic. Presented with clean, easy-to-read charts and graphs, the analytics platform can help you understand all the underlying factors of visitor volume, including:

  • Time (Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year)
  • Areas / Places in regard to frequencies
  • Premises at various locations (locally / globally)
  • Conversion and turnover
  • Weather

Analytics Platform Tools & Features


Time Comparison

Compare number of visitors by hour, day, week, month or year


Compare Locations

See which locations are performing, and which ones aren’t



Get an understanding of how weather and temperature impact visitor volume



Using the open REST API, you can integrate our data bi-directionally with other systems, including Point of Purchase, marketing platforms, and others


Export Reports

Export data and reports into excel, CSV, PDF, or automatically send them to team members by email


Customizable Reports

All reports can be customized to your specific needs

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