digital product development


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Reduce development times and costs

For technical development, we offer an easy-to-use software platform that enables the digital development and optimization of mechatronic components.


Full flexibility

Respond immediately to innovations and changing requirements.


Shorten development times

Simulate prototypes within days and estimate feasibility and costs promptly.


Optimized product development

Reduce material usage by up to 37%, taking all parameters into account.


Reduce errors

Reduce the coordination effort between tools and teams within the organization by up to 30%.

From design to prototype

The digital platform enables product development to define target parameters, such as Cost reduction, higher speed or more power, quick and easy to set.

Thus, the platform for product developers can quickly provide answers to questions such as feasibility, costs and product behavior. Instead of manual comparison and data transfer between tools and departments, SyMSpace delivers all optimized target parameters easily and quickly in a central platform.

Fields of application of central product development


Benefit from all engine components that are available.  Dozens of stator and rotor geometries, different interfaces to 2D and 3D FE tools, post-processing functions, and much more.


Your customers want to know quickly and reliably whether you can realize this or that application? With SyMSpace you have all important data and statements ready in the shortest time.

 Plant Engineering

Set the pace in your market and develop faster, better and cheaper than ever before. SyMSpace connects cross-departmental teams and tools to take your development to the next digital level.

Component Manufacturer

Simulate components in different environments and with different material applications. This enables you to provide reliable answers more quickly.

virtual prototyping software

How does central product development work?

The central product development platform consists of 3 areas which are networked with each other:

  1. Component Space: Hier stehen dem stehen dem Benutzer fertige digitale Modelle von mechatronischen Systemen und Komponenten zur Verfügung. Diese Modellbibliothek erweitert sich ständig.
  2. Tool Space: Der Tool Space enthält unterschiedlichste Softwaretools für Konstruktion, Berechnung und Simulation ( SolidWorks, FEMM, Mathlab, Ansys, HotInt, etc…)
  3. SyMSpace Center:  Hier werden die digitalen Modelle aus dem Component Space mit den gewünschten Softwaretools aus dem Tool Space per Mausklick verknüpft.

Network product development with one tool

By simply linking different modules and tools, SyMSpace can be used to configure an automated development loop under different conditions and to adapt the design based on the simulation data.

In addition, you can customize computing resources (local CPU, LCM cluster, cloud) via mouse click, depending on the scope of the development loop and when the results are to be available.

In this way, you can quickly obtain all desired performance parameters centrally and optimized from a single source.

Highlights and features of the development platform


Expandable model library

Die Modellbibliothek wird ständig durch uns, unsere Benutzer, und vielleicht auch bald von Ihnen erweitert.


Existing Interfaces

Stay with your proven software through a variety of existing interfaces (Creo, python, CAD, ANSYS HOTINT, Java, X2C, FEMM and many more)

On Premise

We know about the sensitivity of development files. Of course the platform can be run on your servers.


External simulation capacity

Run simulations flexibly and quickly over provided servers without having to build up your own resources or wait for results.


Pay-Per-Use Models

Through our attractive Pay-Per-Use model, you only pay for what you actually use.


Documentation and evaluation

Use the automated evaluations and complete post-processing documentation directly.


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