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Master Your Assets with Real-Time Condition Monitoring

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Measure, Analyze, and Optimize Everything

The future of manufacturing is digital. Strategically placed sensors capture data on every machine and process in your facility. The data they generate is then analyzed. The result: Actionable insights that can make your business work better.


Reduce Costs

Explore metrics such as utilization, downtime, and quantities to identify process improvements that will save you time and money.


Innovate Growth

By getting a real-time view of your plant, you can develop new and innovative approaches to production.


Integrate Everything

With our highly flexible API, our monitoring system is easily integrated with existing digital systems, such as ERPs


Increase Speed & Satisfaction

Optimizing your business processes means a bigger bottom line, but it can also lead to happier customers.

Optimize Operations with Digital Asset Monitoring

Machine Builder

  • Offer new digital services to clients and strengthen customer loyalty
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how your machines work
  • Optimize the deployment of your service personnel
  • Monitoring examples: location, operating data, incident alarmin


  • Collect individual production data to solve acute problems faster
  • Avoid costly machines downtimes and productions stops
  • Receive additional measurement value in case it is missing
  • Monitoring examples: produced parts, operating hours, power consumption, filling levels

Real Estate

  • Monitor and control energy consumption in buildings
  • Monitor warehouse data such as temperatures or humidity
  • Coldstore: Recognize temperature changes quickly
  • Monitoring examples: Humidity, CO2, temperature


  • network existing power stations without complex IT
  • Record the generation of electricity
  • Automatic documentation of energy consumption
  • Monitoring examples: hydroelectric power stations, wind turbines, PV systems.

What is real-time condition monitoring?

Real-time asset monitoring allows you to measure every machine and process in your production plant. That could be measuring machine and environmental information like temperature, humidity, production speed, and so much more. Using a range of sensors, we can capture more data about production than what’s ever been available before.
Best of all, we digitize that data for analysis, and ultimately, develop useful insights that can help you optimize your processes—and your profitability. Plus, real-time alerts help you keep your finger on the pulse of your plant, automatically letting you know when something is outside of standard parameters.
The industry calls this the Internet of Things (IoT), and it’s the next evolution of manufacturing and production.

How Does Aleger’s Real-Time Asset Monitoring Work?

Real-time asset monitoring is easier than you might think. First, our experts analyze your plant to determine what needs to be monitored. We then install sensors and provide you with an analytics cloud, integrating the data to any other software platforms you may need. We can do this on a use-case basis, or tackle your full plant at once.


All-in-One Asset

Aleger’s real-time monitoring system gives you everything you need to modernize your plant.


Accessible Anywhere

Get your data or see what’s happening in real-time on anytime on any device.

Automatic Alerts

Receive notifications automatically whenever a metric falls outside parameters.


Fully Configurable

ne-click configuration allows you to ensure your data is uniform at all times, making analysis quick and easy.


Centralized Management

With guest, editor, and administrator roles, every user gets access only to the data needed for their role.


Plug & Play Installation

Setting up and turning on your sensors is easy. With Aleger, you’ll be collecting data in less than a minute.

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