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Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company, project management can be a real challenge to productivity. Not only does the technology need to work right, but it needs to empower teams to be productive. That’s why the best systems are more than just checklists and Gantt charts, they’re tools that naturally fit into your company’s work flow.

And that’s what Aleger’s Project Management solution brings to the table. We offer a flexible solution that combines all of the best tools and practices in project management into a single solution.

Improved Efficiency

Get more work done faster with streamlined workflows and centralized data collection to make each step transparent and logical.


Better Collaboration

Aleger’s Project Management solution empowers teams to collaborate more productively, facilitating documentation, task management, timeline adherence and more.


Fewer Meetings

Capture all relevant project information quickly and easily while syncing across devices and platforms, ensuring your team will spend more time working than meeting.


Increased Productivity

Get your team firing on all cylinders with a solution that makes it simple for anyone to stay on top of every aspect of each project.

It’s as much about the people as it is the technology

Work is about people, not the tech. But not having the right tech can lead to slower productivity, missed deadlines, and lower profitability.

That’s what makes Aleger’s Project Management solution different. By offering all the tools in a flexible but centralized and customizable platform, organizations can mold our software to fit their needs. From Gantt charts, WBS, Scrum, Kanban, and more, teams can decide what methodology works best for them or even create a hybrid approach to project management.

With Aleger, your people come first. The technology is only there to support them.

These industries use Aleger Project Management

Manufacturing and Industrial

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your organization, across projects and departments
  • Empower team members and avoid micro-management
  • Build an accountability culture with easily managed task assignments and deadlines
  • Collect, analyze, and optimize business and production processes for greater profitability

IT & Software

  • Work faster and more efficiently with built-in agile development methodologies
  • Proactively manage development road maps with a just a few clicks
  • Spend more time planning and less time executing with Aleger’s smart resource management tools
  • Collect, analyze, and optimize team performance and productivity


  • Monitor project timelines in real-time
  • Simplify communication between teams, partners, customers, and suppliers
  • Increase efficiency with IPMA / PMI certified tools & methods
  • Create a flexible work culture with accessibility across mobile devices

Education & Government

  • Foster collaboration with streamlined communication and information flows
  • Maximize time and other resources to deliver projects on budget
  • Address administrative issues as they happen
  • Spread knowledge across your organization or with partners

All the tools you need
in one place


Project Visualization

Make projects visual and easier to understand with the most popular methods, including Gantt, WBS, Scrum, and Kanban. No matter what tools your team prefers, Aleger’s Project Management can accommodate them.

Project Monitoring, Control & Reporting

Get a global view across your organization’s project or a more granular view of each project individually. Visualize progress with charts, graphs, diagrams and more to create colorful and informative reports.


Workflow Management

Boost team collaboration and efficiency with Team Chat, Web Conferencing, Shared Calendars, Time Tracking, and personalized dashboards.

Extend Your Productivity

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Resource Management

Ensuring your team is productive starts with accurate resource management. Make sure your team’s time is being utilized to its maximum capacity with flexible task management and resource monitoring.

Finance Management

Stay on budget as well as on time using our budget planning and cost management tools. Create cost estimates, send invoices, and even manage salary costs for each project.


Help Desk Support

Use Aleger’s Project Management to streamline your support desk operations with self-service support ticket creation, automatic ticket routing, and other tools. Track performance, response times, and more to ensure your team is operating efficiently.

Successful project management is just a click away


Web Conferencing

Built-in web conferencing tools are ideal for distributed workforces, saving time and travel costs.


Roles & Rights Management

Assign individual access rights to each project and tasks, on a case-by-case basis.


Full Customization

Customizable views and information flows based on individual needs.


Server Implementation

Installed or hosted solutions available, and Aleger can help you determine what will work best for you.


Easy Syncing

Connect and sync Aleger Project Management to popular office software like Outlook, Excel, and others.

Mobile First

Manage projects across every mobile device or tablet for maximum reliability and mobility.

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